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The International Conference on Materials Innovation 2023 (ICMI 2023)

Time and Venue: August 22-25, 2023 | Brisbane, Australia
About: The International Conference on Materials Innovation 2023 (ICMI 2023) is developed on the basis of our prior success in organizing a biennial International Symposium on Clean Energy Materials, which started in 2017 in Brisbane. The ICMI 2023 aims to bring together world-leading scientists, early career researchers, leaders and stakeholders from academia, government laboratories, and industry working in the field of advanced materials to discuss new and exciting advances for clean energy, environment and health applications. Alongside the conference, a high-level Materials Innovation Scientific Forum is being supported by the Australian Academy of Sciences (AAS) and other partner institutions to discuss opportunities for research collaborations in the areas of health, clean energy, and the environment.
The four-day conference includes academic talks, poster presentations, and scientific forum, which is expected to attract over 300 delegates of researchers, engineers, postgraduates, and industrial participants from Australia and overseas. As a Sponsor or Exhibitor, you will be advertising to national and international academics, industries, and students with a wide variety of expertise and backgrounds, especially in catalysis, environment, energy and bioengineering.

The 4th International Symposium on Negative Thermal Expansion and Related Materials (ISNTE-4)

Time and Venue: July 5-7, 2023 | Padua, Italy
About: The ISNTE-4 is the fourth in a series of International Symposia which aim to bring together researchers from around the world interested in controlling and exploiting the properties of thermoresponsive materials. Conference topics cover all aspects of negative thermal expansion (NTE) and of the control of thermal expansion, such as
  • NTE phenomena of phonon, electronic and magnetic origin;
  • NTE materials (oxides, fluorides, metal organic frameworks, intermetallics, organic molecular materials, polymers, metamaterials, etc.);
  • different strategies for controlling the thermal expansion of materials and related applications;
  • more in general, thermoresponsive materials.

Conference on Advanced Materials and Quantum Science

Time and Venue: April 21-24, 2023 | Ningbo, China
About: Conference on Advanced Materials and Quantum Science of 2023 will be held from April 21-24, 2023 (registration on the 21st) at the Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel in Yinzhou District, Ningbo City.The conference will feature keynote speeches, invited talks, and oral presentations, and will be organized into five specialized sessions focused on new materials and quantum science. The conference warmly welcomes experts, scholars, and professionals from universities, research institutions, enterprises, and related fields at home and abroad to attend and exchange ideas.

2022 International Symposium on Advanced Materials and Sustainable Technologies

Time and Venue: 30th November to 2nd December 2022 | Cairns, Australia
About: This conference aims at encompassing important aspects in the advanced materials and sustainable technology fields. This year’s program focuses on areas such as innovations and progress in multiscale materials design, synthesis, characterization, manufacturing, functionalization, surface modification, etc., and emerging materials in applications of sustainable energy and environmental technologies.

The World Conference on Nanotechnology and Materials

Time and Venue: 20-22 May 2022 | Wuhan, China
About: The World Conference on Nanotechnology and Materials (WCNM-2022) is going to be held in Wuhan, China, during May 20-22, 2022. On behalf of the organizing committee, we are inviting leading scientists, researchers, practitioners, technology developers, industrials, and policy makers to take part in this splendid event. It aims to promote international and domestic academic exchanges and scientific and technological cooperation in the field of nanotechnology and materials science, discuss the latest advances, meet with colleagues, and strike new collaborations. The conference will be comprised of Plenary Forum, Breakout Sessions, Young Scientist Forum, and Poster Sessions, covering topics of Breaking Research of Nanomaterials, Nano-Chemistry, Nano-Physics, Nanoparticles, Nanotubes, Nanowires, and nano-Thin Films, Nanotech-Electronics, Nano-optics and Nano-photonics, Nano Robots, Nano Devices, and Nano Sensor, Nanotech for Energy, Nanotech for Water Treatment and Environment, Nanocomposites, Fabrication, Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials.

International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering

Time and Venue: March 19-21, 2022 | Shanghai, China
About: The 2022 International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CoMSE 2022) will be held in Shanghai, China, from March 19-21, 2022. This conference is aimed and dedicates itself to providing networking possibilities for researchers, scientists, engineers, and scholars to share their experiences, amazing ideas, and innovative research in the field of Materials Science and Engineering. In addition, this conference would also be a platform to discuss practical issues, challenges encountered, as well as the solutions adopted.
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