A Special Interview with Prof. Sarah Lebeer, Senior Editor of Microbiome Research Reports

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The Editorial Office of Microbiome Research Reports (MRR) was delighted to have a special interview with Prof. Sarah Lebeer, the Senior Editor of the journal, on January 25, 2024.

About Prof. Sarah Lebeer

Prof. Lebeer is currently a research professor at the University of Antwerp, specializing in probiotic bacteria and their molecular modes of action. Prof. Lebeer is an academic board member of ISAPP and was awarded an ERC starting grant in 2019 for groundbreaking research on lactobacilli's beneficial potential. With a background in Bioscience Engineering and expertise in cell and gene technology, she graduated from KU Leuven in 2004. Her doctoral research focused on probiotic bacteria, specifically Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus GG, exploring molecular adaptation and probiotic factors against inflammatory bowel diseases. During her postdoc research, she delved into protein glycosylation in lactobacilli and later shifted to studying vaginal lactobacilli and mucosal immunology. Prof. Lebeer's interest expanded to how vaginal lactobacilli inhibit viral pathogens, leading to research on applications outside the human gut, including animals and the plant phyllosphere.

Focus Interview Questions:

1. Can you share a brief overview of your academic background to help us understand your journey in microbiology?

2. What is the primary focus of your current research, and could you highlight any specific projects you are currently working on?

3. What are your prospects for the future development of microbiology? What do you think are the key areas that are likely to emerge?

4. Your research spans across interdisciplinary domains. Could you share a pivotal moment that influenced your entry into the field of microbiology?

5. Have you ever experienced some interesting or unexpected moments in your long scientific research?

6. What advice or words of encouragement would you offer to students and researchers who are just beginning their journey in the field of microbiology?

7. In addition, we noticed that you shared a book. You mentioned that you liked one of the questions: why is the human vagina dominated by lactobacilli? As women, we're also curious about the answer to this question. Could you share more detailed information?

Watch the Following Video for Prof. Lebeer's Answers:

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