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Topic: Urban Water Systems and Nanoparticle Contamination: Challenges and Solutions

A Special Issue of Water Emerging Contaminants & Nanoplastics

ISSN 2831-2597 (Online)

Submission deadline: 30 Sep 2024

Guest Editor(s)

Prof. François Gagné
Aquatic Contaminants Research Division, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Gatineau, Canada.

Special Issue Introduction

Municipal effluents are widely acknowledged for releasing a vast array of contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, metals, critical elements of technology (from e-waste disposal leachates), and a variety of micro and nanoparticles in the suspended matter compartment. Nanoparticles are commonly defined as particles with at least one dimension between 1-1000 nm released from nanotechnology materials (silver nanoparticles, quantum dots) and degradation of various plastic polymers (composites, melamine, plastic bottles, and tire wear/road erosion). Moreover, global warming will increase the frequency and quantity of rainfalls, which, in turn, will contribute to the drainage of city areas (roads), combined with untreated wastewaters (combined sewer overflows) in many cases. When wastewater treatment plants reach their capacity, these combined sewer overflows are directly released into nearby rivers or lakes, thereby exacerbating pollution problems in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, including drinking water intakes. This Special Issue aims to enhance our understanding of the capacity of urban water systems to mitigate the release and fate of nanoparticles derived from both nanotechnologies and degradation of plastic polymers, as well as the toxic impacts on resident organisms. We invite studies dealing with all aspects of nanoparticles associated with urban pollutants from urban water systems, such as treated municipal effluents, combined sewer overflows, road runoffs, rainfall ponds, suspended matter(dust) contamination, and water treatment strategies for nanoparticles. We also encourage studies focusing on methods to determine the presence and transformation products of nanoparticles and associated contaminants.

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30 Sep 2024

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Water Emerging Contaminants & Nanoplastics
ISSN 2831-2597 (Online)


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