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Topic: Neuropathic Pain after Trauma: Risk Factors and Treatment

A Special Issue of Plastic and Aesthetic Research

ISSN 2349-6150 (Online)   2347-9264 (Print)

Submission deadline: 10 May 2024

Guest Editor(s)

Dr. Godard de Ruiter
Department of Neurosurgery, Haaglanden Medical Center, The Hague, the Netherlands.

Special Issue Introduction

Neuropathic pain frequently emerges subsequent to peripheral nerve injury. It can stem directly from the transection injury of the nerve, referred to as deafferentation pain. Additionally, it may develop later due to the formation of a neuroma, resulting from disorganized axon regeneration in the absence of the distal nerve stump. Furthermore, neuropathic pain can arise despite an intact continuity of the nerve, whether through external compression caused by factors such as hematoma, scar tissue, or heterotopic ossification, or through intraneural changes that occur following the contusion injury of the nerve.

This Special Issue aims to provide an extensive overview of several aspects:

● The pathophysiologic mechanisms underlying neuropathic pain; 

● Risk factors that elevate the likelihood of developing neuropathic pain after peripheral nerve trauma including psychologic factors, smoking, infection, etc.

● Diverse strategies available for managing neuropathic pain, encompassing; medications and various surgical treatments, such as various nerve procedures, DREZ(dorsal root entry zone), spinal cord stimulation, and deep brain stimulation, among others.

Submission Deadline

10 May 2024

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ISSN 2349-6150 (Online)   2347-9264 (Print)


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