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Topic: Synthesis, Characterization and Utilization of Clay and Clay Composites

A Special Issue of Minerals and Mineral Materials

ISSN 2832-269X (Online)

Submission deadline: 10 Mar 2024

Guest Editor(s)

Prof. Fanfei Min
College of Materials Science and Engineering, Anhui University of Science and Technology, Huainan, Anhui, China.

Special Issue Introduction

Clay, as a common associated mineral, is the main mineral component of clay rock and soil, including minerals such as kaolinite, bentonite, chlorite, and mica. The diversity of mineral structures and the complexity of surface and interface properties determines their potential and prospects for widespread utilization. Firstly, with the sorting of useful minerals, clay mineral particles exist in various mining wastewater, making it difficult to efficiently settle/dewater. It is an urgent industry challenge to be solved; Secondly, clay serves as a raw material for the production of adsorbents, functional composite materials, coatings, and other clay-based products. Its applications span a wide range, including but not limited to water/wastewater treatment (removal of toxic pollutants), construction materials (bricks and tiles), and the cosmetics industry (sunscreen). Clay soils are abundant, natural materials, and sustainable. Their usages would provide sustainable ways/green techniques to produce numerous products for specific applications ranging from water treatment to construction. However, whether for the separation of clay containing mining wastewater and solid-liquid separation or for the surface modification of clay required for the preparation of clay materials, the ultimate focus remains on understanding the surface/interface characteristics and interface interactions of clay.

This Special Issue covers the surface/interface characteristics and interface interactions of clay minerals and clay composite materials and their performance characteristics. We welcome submissions of relevant manuscripts (research articles, review articles, and perspectives) covering the synthesis, characterization, and applications of clay and clay composites. Our objective is to compile recent progress in the research on clay properties and their applications in clay interface regulation and clay composite material preparation. Through this, we aim to promote the development of clay minerals and related materials.


Clay minerals, mineral surface/interface characteristics, clay composite materials, interface interaction, wastewater treatment

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10 Mar 2024

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