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Topic: Security, Privacy and Resilience in Critical Infrastructures

A Special Issue of Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety

ISSN 2694-1015 (Online)

Submission deadline: 31 Oct 2023

Guest Editor(s)

Prof. Enrico Zio

Centre for research on Risks and Crises (CRC), Mines Paris-PSL University, Sophia Antipolis, France.
Department of Energy, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy.

Prof. Greta Nasi
Department of Social and Political Sciences, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy.

Special Issue Introduction

Energy, transportation and communication are some of the services essential to human well-being through the efficient functioning of modern States and Societies. Much related safety and security research has focused on protecting the critical infrastructures behind these services. In addition, several approaches, standards and methodologies have been adopted to ensure the functionality and reliability of critical infrastructures. Ultimately, however, what matters most is the services these infrastructures provide and their value for the users. These services ensure the necessary conditions for the operation of firms and institutions and the integration of people into Society. Damages and disruption to the critical infrastructures that provide such essential services may significantly impact the State's security and the well-being of citizens, which would go beyond the value of the direct losses of these assets due to the disruption.

The value of essential services should be a core concept when securing critical infrastructures. It is a concept that evolves in space and time. Correspondingly, the safety and cybersecurity of essential services cannot be understood and assessed by statical modelling of the risks associated with the assets and infrastructures that provide these services. Inevitably, they must be analysed within a dynamic modelling framework that reflects all elements of the network that contribute to their provision as contexts, processes, actors, rules, structures and technologies, with their individual responses and behaviours and their dependence relationships. Critical infrastructure frameworks must be able to assess the value of risks to individuals, markets and society, as the outcomes of the analysis are intended to be used to support decision-making related to the benefit at the individual and societal levels. 

This Special Issue aims at advancing and integrating research on security, privacy and resilience in critical infrastructures (i) by integrating the factors that affect the safety and security of critical infrastructures into a holistic framework, accounting for the interdependent mechanisms of service disruption propagation and service restoration; (ii) moving towards a comprehensive framework of analysis that considers the broader hazards and risks that may occur across the network of actors, processes, technologies and institutions which contribute to the delivery of essential services; (iii) by not only assessing the impacts of security, privacy and resilience approaches at the organisational level but also considering the integral impacts of security decisions on individuals and society. 

This Special Issue welcomes theoretical and empirical mathematical, engineering, computer sciences and interdisciplinary studies, including but not limited to the following topics: 
● Impact of adoption of critical infrastructure risk models for individuals and society;
● Metrics to assess the performance of critical infrastructure modeling;
● Value-based risk decision making;
● Network-based risk modeling in essential services;
● Novel safety and security approach to critical infrastructure modelling and analyses in different ;domains, such as smart grids, healthcare, telecommunication, transportation, etc.;
● Modelling of essential service ecosystems safety and security;
● Safety, security and privacy implications of comprehensive modelling frameworks for risk assessment and management;
● Interdependences identification, modelling and analysis;
● Model-based and data-driven risk assessment of complex systems;
● A probabilistic framework for risk and resilience assessment and management;
● Cyber-physical systems risk modelling and assessment;
● System-of-Systems frameworks of analysis.


Critical infrastructure security, risk assessment, risk management, safety, privacy, resilience

Submission Deadline

31 Oct 2023

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Submission Deadline: 31 Oct 2023
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