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Topic: Innovative Electrooculogram Technology in the Next Generation of Digital Health

A Special Issue of Connected Health And Telemedicine

ISSN 2993-2920 (Online)

Submission deadline: 31 Aug 2024

Guest Editor(s)

Prof. Wei Chen

School of Biomedical Engineering, the University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia.

Special Issue Introduction

The human eyes are crucial organs that gather the majority of information for us. The movement of the eyes reflects a wealth of physiological, psychological, and health-related bio-information. Deciphering eye movement patterns can help us understand bio-information such as activity intentions, cognitive states, sleep conditions, and more. Electrooculogram measurement technology (EOG) plays a pivotal role in unraveling these insights, providing unique advantages for better understanding ourselves through eye movements.

In recent years, EOG measurement technology has significantly impacted various applications such as human-computer interaction, smart healthcare, sleep monitoring, augmented reality, home care, and the medical field, driving advancements in these areas.

Simultaneously, the rapid development of various technologies presents opportunities for innovation in EOG measurement technology. The advancement of artificial intelligence technology provides support for high-performance EOG recognition algorithms, while progress in wearable technology and novel sensing techniques lays the foundation for developing digital health systems with high usability based on EOG. However, the emergence of a new era in digital health also poses new challenges for EOG measurement technology research.

Therefore, this Special Issue aims to provide a platform for discussing the impact of innovative EOG measurement technology on the development of the next generation of digital health. Additionally, it seeks to facilitate discussions on how new technologies, especially ChatGPT/GPT/AGI technologies, contribute to the innovation of EOG measurement technology.

Scope of the Special Issue:
This Special Issue will focus on research targeting the development of Innovative Electrooculogram Technology for the Next Generation of Digital Health.

We invite contributions for publication, focusing on the following topics (but not limited to):
● Innovative Electrooculogram Data Acquisition System and Sensing Technology;
● Biomedical Signal Processing Techniques in Electrooculogram Technology;
● Advanced Algorithms in Human-Computer Interaction Based on Electrooculography;
● Electrooculogram Technology in Extended Reality (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality);
● Intelligent Sleep Monitoring and Electrooculogram Technology;
● Application of Human-Computer Interaction Based on Electrooculogram Technology in Smart Healthcare;
● Applications of Electrooculogram Technology in Medical and Healthcare;
● Emerging topics such as ChatGPT/GPT/AGI in health and medicine based on Electrooculogram Technology.

Submission Deadline

31 Aug 2024

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Submission Deadline: 31 Aug 2024
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ISSN 2993-2920 (Online)


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