Exclusive Interview with Prof. Annie Laurie W. Shroyer ----Director and Founding Editor of Education Section on Vessel Plus

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On October 31st, the Editorial Office of Vessel Plus had the honor to interview Prof. Annie Laurie W. Shroyer, the Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Surgery, Stony Brook University, and the Director of Education Section on Vessel Plus. Prof. Shroyer led a successful Special Issue "Current State of Knowledge: Atrial Fibrillation and Cardiac Surgery" on Vessel Plus in 2021, and based on the pleasant collaboration, Prof. Shroyer collaborated with Vessel Plus in 2022 again to organize a featured column “Education Section”. In this interview, Prof. Shroyer shared the two latest research articles in this Special Issue and talked about her initial intention about the Education Section.

Interview with Prof. Annie Laurie W. Shroyer

In the interview, Prof. Shroyer gave a comprehensive introduction to the ROOBY trial based on her team’s article "Department of veterans affairs post-coronary artery bypass" (Full article link:, which was published on Vessel Plus in 2022. Meanwhile, according to the article "Improving future Peptides atrial fibrillation care: In a 30,000-foot viewpoint" (Full article link:, Prof. Shroyer introduced that a large amount of data has been applied to explain the gradual decline in the incidence of post-operative atrial fibrillation(POAF) from 2017 to 2020, but at the same time, the definition of POAF should be updated in time to improve the efficiency of cardiovascular treatment and care.

"My parents told me to always believe in the possibilities, to do what I want, to help people when I can," Prof. Shroyer said. As an professional expert, she always keeps in mind the words of her parents. Therefore, to motivate the next generation of trainees and new junior faculty members to engage in cutting-edge cardiovascular/vascular investigations that address current gaps in knowledge, Prof. Shroyer created the Education Section on Vessel Plus. This section will encourage trainees and new junior investigators to publish their latest cardiovascular/vascular research findings. Based on these publications, the elite sub-group of these cutting-edge research endeavors will be recognized in an annual Vessel Plus awards program.

Cover of Education Section

The Education Section will be released online soon, we are pleased for your following. The Editorial Office of Vessel Plus looks forward to more exciting cooperation with Prof. Shroyer in the Education Section in the future.

Respectfully submitted by the Editorial Office of Vessel Plus.

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