Achieving Better Results in Neck Lift: An International Panel Discussion

Published on: 20 Apr 2021 Viewed: 2812

An international webinar on neck lift was successfully held online on April 16, 2021 by Plastic and Aesthetic Research (PAR). Headed by Prof. Foad Nahai, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, some outstanding experts had a lively discussion concerning the topic neck lift based on the article "A layered approach to neck lift".

It is a great honor to invite Prof. Foad Nahai from the Center for Plastic Surgery at MetroDerm in USA and Dr. Andrew L. Weinstein from Division of Plastic Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine in USA as speakers, and Dr. Oscar Ramirez from Department Plastic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Florida in USA, Prof. Da-Ping Yang from BeauCare Clinics in China, Dr. Diane Duncan from Plastic Surgical Associates of Fort Collins in USA, Dr. Darryl J Hodgkinson from Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic in Australia, Dr. Luiz A. Auersvald & Dr. André Auersvald from Dr. Department of Plastic Surgery, Auersvald clinic of plastic surgery in Brazil as guests to participate in this international webinar. The webinar was hosted by one of our Youth Editorial Board members, Dr. Hayson Chenyu Wang from Department of Plastic Surgery, Peking Union Medical College Hospital in China.

Webinar highlights

1. Welcome speech by Dr. Hayson Chenyu Wang
On behalf of the Editorial Office of PAR, Dr. Wang expressed his sincere and warm welcome to all participants in the online webinar and also made a presentation on the new development of PAR.

2. Article sharing from Prof. Nahai and Dr. Weinstein
Prof. Nahai and Dr. Weinstein gave a sharing on their article entitled "A layered approach to neck lift". The article won many readers after its official publication. More information on this article can be found at

3. Discussion Section

It was an interesting and stimulating discussion. Scholars from different countries devoted their time and resource to attending it, and they made the webinar a great success. At the end of this webinar, Dr. Wang and the Editorial Office expressed our heartfelt thanks to the participants.

PAR will hold more webinars, aiming to offer a communication platform to scholars in this field in 2021. We are looking forward to inviting more well-experienced experts and enthusiastic young scholars to participate in the future webinars.

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