Congratulations on the success of the Webinar on Minerals and Mineral Materials

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Minerals and Mineral Materials (MMM, Online ISSN 2832-269X) recently successfully hosted its second quarter Webinar on April 23, 2024, from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM UTC+8.

Chaired by Professor Yanbai Shen from Northeastern University, with Professor Chunquan Li from China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) as the guest speaker, the Webinar centered "Advances in the Application of Mineral Materials in Wastewater Treatment"(Figure 1), attracting the attention of numerous experts and scholars in related fields.

The event focused on the construction and performance research of kaolin-based multiscale iron-based materials for wastewater treatment. It mainly discussed the loading of iron-based carbon nitrides on kaolin and the degradation of harmful substances in wastewater through persulfate activation (Figure 2-3).

Figure 1. Progress in Mineral Materials for Wastewater Treatment: Construction of Kaolin-Based Multiscale Iron-Based Materials and Their Degradation Performance on EDCs.

The Webinar proved enlightening, bringing attendees many new insights and inspirations. Exchange and discussion during the meeting further strengthened the partnerships among participants.

Figure 2. Construction of γ-FeOOH/Nitrogen-deficient g-C3N4/Kaolin Composite Material

It is worth noting that the wide impact of the Webinar was evident through its live streaming across various online platforms, attracting over 13,680 viewers. This widespread participation underscores the relevance and importance of the topics discussed, resonating with a broad range of stakeholders.

Figure 3. Fe2O3QDs/Nitrogen-deficient g-C3N4/Kaolin Composite Material

We sincerely thank all participants and especially appreciate the excellent hosting by Professor Yanbai Shen and the valuable sharing shared by Professor Chunquan Li. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizers, whose dedication and expertise played a crucial role in ensuring the success of this Webinar.

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