ScieRxiv: A New Preprint Platform for Rapid Scholarly Communication

Published on: 30 May 2024 Viewed: 83

We are excited to announce the launch of ScieRxiv, an innovative interactive preprint platform designed to make scientific discovery more efficient and accessible. This platform allows researchers to quickly share their latest findings on a public platform before ongoing peer review.

Key Features of ScieRxiv:

  • Wide Disciplinary Coverage: ScieRxiv accepts articles from various scientific fields, enabling researchers from diverse disciplines to share their work.

  • Rapid Publication: By streamlining the submission process and providing feedback within 24 hours of receiving new submissions, ScieRxiv ensures that research findings are quickly published and disseminated.

  • Open Access: All preprints on ScieRxiv are freely accessible to the public, promoting transparency and the open exchange of knowledge.

  • No Processing Fees: ScieRxiv offers free article processing, making it accessible for all researchers to publish their work without any financial barriers.

We invite scholars to submit their manuscripts to ScieRxiv and take advantage of our rapid publication process. Additionally, we welcome suggestions and feedback to help us continually improve the platform. Your insights are invaluable in making ScieRxiv a leading resource for the global research community (Please direct your feedback to

Editor: Kimi Wang
Language Editor: Catherine Yang
Production Editor: Yan Zhang