The First Editorial Board Meeting of Chemical Synthesis was Successfully Held in Wuhan, China

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On December 8, 2023, a milestone was achieved as the first offline Editorial Board meeting of Chemical Synthesis successfully unfolded in Wuhan, China. The purpose of this momentous gathering was to provide an opportunity for the eminent Editorial Board members to communicate with each other and discuss the future development direction and goals of the journal. Under the adept guidance of Editor-in-Chief Professor Bao-Lian Su, the meeting drew together a distinguished assembly comprising 6 Section Editors, 18 Youth Editorial Board Members, and 5 esteemed members from the Editorial Office.

The meeting, meticulously structured and executed, proceeded through five key steps. It commenced with the opening ceremony, where Professor Su warmly welcomed all Editorial Board members, establishing a vibrant and positive tone for the event. In the segment dedicated to introducing the journal, Siqing Hu, the Managing Editor of Chemical Synthesis, presented a comprehensive overview of the journal's progress over the preceding two years. Hu emphasized the ambitious development objective of attaining a first impact factor of 10 and outlined the strategic direction for the journal in the upcoming year.

The First Editorial Board Meeting of Chemical Synthesis
Editor-in-Chief—Prof Bao-Lian Su

The First Editorial Board Meeting of Chemical Synthesis
Managing Editor—Siqing Hu

Professor Guangshan Zhu, serving as both the Dean of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Northeast Normal University and a Section Editor in Coordination Chemistry of Chemical Synthesis, shared invaluable insights into the development of a Special Issue, which he curated as a Guest Editor. Additionally, Prof. Zhu offered significant suggestions for enhancing the journal's citation metrics. The subsequent free discussion session witnessed lively exchanges among Editorial Board members, focusing on strategies to achieve the journal's first impact factor, expand its international presence, and execute effective publicity campaigns.

The First Editorial Board Meeting of Chemical Synthesis
Section Editor—Prof. Guangshan Zhu

This offline Editorial Board meeting was crucial in deepening mutual understanding and collaboration among all participants. Furthermore, it strategically charted a definitive course for the future development of Chemical Synthesis. The journal wholeheartedly commits to collaborating with every esteemed member of the Editorial Board, collectively steering toward an era of unparalleled growth and remarkable achievements!

Meeting Attendees

The First Editorial Board Meeting of Chemical Synthesis

Section Editor Profile:

Prof. Tongxiang Fan

Prof. Ying Wan

Prof. Yi Tang

Prof. Xiangdong Yao

Prof. Haibo Yang

Youth Editorial Board Member Profile:


Prof. Lihua Chen


Prof. Yanxin Chen


Prof. Gengtao Fu


Prof. Lin He


Prof. Xin Hong


Prof. Jianfeng Huang


Prof. Xinchen Kang


Prof. Huiqiao Li


Prof. Yingtang Zhou


Prof. Yong Liu


Prof. Yuefeng Liu


Prof. Guangyan Qing


Prof. Jiafu Shi


Prof. Liang Wang


Prof. Jiangjiexing Wu


Prof. Pan Xiong


Prof. Qinggong Zhu


Prof. Jin Xie

Editor: Yiying Song
Language Editor: Emma Chen
Production Editor: Yan Zhang
Respectfully Submitted by the Editorial Office of Chemical Synthesis (CS)