Warmly Celebrate the Successful Holding of the 20th National Youth Congress on Catalysis in Dalian, China

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The 20th National Youth Congress on Catalysis (20th NYCC) was held in Dalian World Expo Plaza from May 10-14, 2024. The event was hosted by the Committee on Catalysis of the Chinese Chemical Society and organized by the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Processing Co. LTD.

Chair Prof. Feng Wang announces the official opening of the 20th NYCC

Over 1,800 domestic experts, scholars, young talents, and enterprise representatives in catalysis gathered in Dalian, China, to focus on "The New Era of Catalysis, Seizing the Commanding  Heights". They exchanged ideas, shared insights, and fostered innovation, aiming to promote deep integration of industry, academia, and research and foster the sustainable development of the petrochemical industry.

On the Venue

The conference featured over 1,000 contributions, including seven conference presentations, 56 keynotes, 180 invited talks, 198 oral presentations, 177 fast-track presentations, and 389 posters. Notably, the congress innovatively introduced the NYCC-20 Catalysis Micro Salon Night, centering on three themes: “Dialogue with Editorial Board Members of Journals”, “Exchange of Experiences in Fund Writing”, and “Cooperation between Industry, Academia and Research and Career Development Planning”. This event facilitated relaxed and engaging discussions, receiving enthusiastic participant feedback.

Chemical Synthesis was honored to sponsor ten outstanding poster awards. The awardees are:

Best Poster Awards ceremony

This congress deeply explored the opportunities, challenges, and future directions of catalysis and strongly promoted the development of catalytic science and technology in China.

Congratulations again on the successful convening of the 20th NYCC!

The closing ceremony of the 20th NYCC

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