Warmest Congratulations to Section Editor Prof. Dagang Yu for Winning the 10th Chinese Chemical Society-Royal Society of Chemistry Young Chemist Award

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On February 3, 2024, the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) announced the 10th Chinese Chemical Society-Royal Society of Chemistry Young Chemist Award winners. Prof. Da-Gang Yu, Section Editor of Chemical Synthesis, was honored with the prize alongside three other distinguished scholars. The award recognizes Prof. Yu's significant contributions to CO2 activation and selective synthesis of high value-added chemicals. Here, the Editorial Office of Chemical Synthesis extends the sincerest congratulations to Prof. Yu and expresses the deepest gratitude for his continuous support to the journal!


Brief Introduction of Prof. Dagang Yu:


Dagang Yu, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor at the School of Chemistry, Sichuan University, insists on carrying out unique research addressing the basic scientific problems of CO2 activation and conversion. Prof. Yu has developed new concepts, strategies, and reactions for efficient activation and selective conversion of CO2. These works have realized the transformation of CO2 into a treasure and the precise synthesis of high value-added products and provided new experimental bases and theoretical models for the study of the law of CO2 activation, playing a positive role in promoting the research of CO2 chemistry in China.

Since embarking on independent work, Prof. Yu has published 90 academic papers as a corresponding author in prestigious journals such as Nature, Nature Catal., Nature Commun., Sci. Bull., Chin. J. Catal., CCS Chem., Sci. China Chem., Chin. Chem. Lett. and Chin. J. Chem. and other notable academic publications. Multiple of his published articles have been featured as Cover Articles, First Page Articles, VIP Articles, and Top Download Articles of The Month by various journals. Moreover, several articles have been introduced as highlights by NSFC, Web of Science, ChinaNet, ChemistryViews, Synform, Synfacts, Organic Chemistry Portal, OPR D, and Organic Chemistry. In addition, he has delivered more than 130 presentations at academic conferences, universities, and companies in China and abroad. Prof. Yu has also launched Special Issues on the topic of Carbon Dioxide Chemistry for Chin. J. Chem., Green Chem., and Chin. J. Catal.

Introduction to the CCS-RCS Young Chemist Award:

The CCS-RCS Young Chemist Award, jointly established by the CCS and the RSC in 2007, aims to recognize outstanding young scientists under the age of 40 who have achieved breakthroughs, originality, or significant innovations in the fields of basic, applied basic, and applied research in chemistry. A total of 40 recipients have been awarded until 2023.

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