Interview with Editor-in-Chief: Professor Bao-Lian Su

Published on: 9 May 2022 Viewed: 1128

Dr. Bao-Lian Su, the Editor-in-Chief of Chemical Synthesis (CS), a member of the European Academy of Sciences, and a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium, is a Full Professor of Chemistry at University of Namur, Belgium, and a Strategic Scientist at Wuhan University of Technology, China. Professor Su has been featured in the list of “Highly Cited Chinese Researches” for many years and has made a great contribution to his field. On May 6, 2022, the Editorial Office of CS is pleased to invite Professor Su to talk about his academic career, suggestions for young scientists, and opinions on CS.

Professor Su first talked about how his research has evolved from the first to his most recent article, and introduced the research area of his team at University of Namur and Wuhan University of Technology. Then, he shared with us events and people that have influences on him during his academic path. As a supervisor of many young students and co-worker of early-career scientists, Professor Su also provided suggestions to young researchers on how to choose the research topics and publish high-quality papers. He underlined the importance of quality rather than quantity of research papers.

Last year, CS was established with the cooperation of Professor Su and OAE publishing Inc. We were very happy to have conversations with Professor Su about his opinions on CS. He spoke about the reason to launch CS -- while there are already large series of international journals in chemical sciences, “there still is an empty of a journal with specificity mainly on chemical synthesis”. In his words, CS is a very broad journal that covers basically all aspects of chemical sciences and focuses on both chemical synthesis per se and its extension.

Furthermore, there are two Editorial Board members and three authors of CS being listed in the 2021 “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” recently released by Elsevier. We thus asked Professor Su the meaning of this for a journal. As a multiyear “Highly Cited Researcher”, he affirmed that having these members and authors can reflect the high quality of the journal, but also stressed that the variations of different fields need to be considered. Lastly, Professor Su shared the progress of CS in its first year as well as the future plan of the journal. His experience has shown that CS is getting more recognition.

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The Editorial Office of CS would like to express appreciation to Professor Su for taking time to speak with us!

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