Congratulations! Professor Hamid Reza Karimi and Professor Quanxin Zhu Featured in the List of "Highly Cited Researchers 2021" Announced by Clarivate Analytics

Published on: 21 Nov 2021 Viewed: 1167

On November 16, 2021, Clarivate Analytics announced the list of “Highly Cited Researchers 2021”. The journal Editor-in-Chief Professor Hamid Reza Karimi and Associate Editor Professor Quanxin Zhu were selected on the list. Hereon, all Editors of the Complex Engineering Systems (CES) are extending warm congratulations to the two scholars on the list of “Highly Cited Researchers 2021” by Clarivate Analytics.

Professor Hamid Reza Karimi
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Professor Hamid Reza Karimi, Editor-in-Chief of CES, fellow of The International Society for Condition Monitoring (ISCM), member of Agder Academy of Science and Letters, member of the IFAC Technical Committee on Mechatronic Systems, the IFAC Technical Committee on Robust Control, and the IFAC Technical Committee on Automotive Control. He has been awarded Web of Science’s Highly Cited Researchers in Engineering in 2016-2020, August-Wilhelm-Scheer Visiting Professorship Award, JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Research Award, and Alexander-von-Humboldt-Stiftung Research Award. He has also participated as General Chair, keynote/plenary speaker, distinguished speaker and program chair for several international conferences in the areas of Control Systems, Robotics, and Mechatronics. His current research interests include control systems and mechatronics with applications to automotive control systems, vibration systems, robotics, and wind energy.

Professor Quanxin Zhu
Hunan Normal University, China

Professor Quanxin Zhu, Associate Editor of CES, senior member of the IEEE. Professor Zhu is an Associate Editor of 8 international journals and the Lead Guest Editor of 3 international journals. Professor Zhu has obtained China’s “The 100 Most Influential International Academic Papers” Award in 2011, and has been one of the “Most Cited Chinese Researchers” in 2014-2019 announced by Elsevier.
His current research interests include stochastic control, stochastic differential equations, stochastic stability, stochastic complex nonlinear systems, Markovian jump systems, and stochastic complex networks.

Congratulations to our Editors!

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