CHATmed is Now Recruiting Junior Editorial Board Members

Published on: 11 Jul 2023 Viewed: 688

We are excited to announce the open recruitment of Junior Editorial Board members to meet the developmental needs of the journal.

As the journal continues to grow, we are looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals to join our team. Junior Editorial Board members are appointed for a 2-year term. We sincerely invite young researchers and scholars who are passionate about advancing the field of connected health and telemedicine to apply for this prestigious position.

As a Junior Editorial Board member, your responsibilities will include:

1. Submitting or inviting one high-quality research paper or review article during the 2-year term. Reappointment is possible based on annual performance evaluations.
2. Participating in the peer review process to ensure the quality control of publications.
3. Promoting the journal at academic conferences and among peers.
4. Providing valuable suggestions and guidance for the development of the journal.

In return, Junior Editorial Board members will enjoy the following benefits:

1. Opportunities to interact and collaborate with other board members, Guest Editors, and authors through online or offline editorial meetings and academic workshops.
2. Waived article processing charges for all submitted manuscripts before SCI indexes the journal, and one article is waived after inclusion.
3. Priority consideration and expedited processing for submissions to CHATmed.
4. Priority placement in the dedicated section of CHATmed for video presentations about your research, showcasing recently published articles.
5. Potential to join the Editorial Board based on contributions to CHATmed.
6. Support from CHATmed for attending international academic conferences and promoting the journal.
7. A formal appointment certificate issued by the Editor-in-Chief.

Recruitment Eligibility

1. Have a research background in the field of connected health and telemedicine, and have presided over national research projects and achieved significant research achievements;
2. Have experience in the review process of SCI journals;
3. Have a passion for building world-class journals in the field of connected health and telemedicine.

We encourage enthusiastic researchers to apply for this position. To submit your application, please send your CV to by October 15. Please mention "Junior Editorial Board Application" in the subject.

Join us at CHATmed and be part of a thriving community that fosters innovation and impactful research in connected health and telemedicine.

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All published articles are preserved here permanently: