The Second Editorial Board Meeting of the Ageing and Neurodegenerative Diseases (AND) was Successfully Held Online

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The Second Editorial Board meeting of the journal Ageing and Neurodegenerative Diseases (AND) was successfully held online on December 9, 2022.

Prof. Weidong Le, the Editor-in-Chief, Director of the Neurology Department & Institute at Sichuan Academy of Medical Science-Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital (China), hosted the meeting. Professor Ted. M. Dawson, an academician of the National Academy of Inventors (US), Professor David Rubinsztein, an academician of the Academy of Medical Science (UK), and 28 other Editorial Board members from more than five countries and regions attended the meeting. And the Editorial Board members, who could not participate in the discussion due to the weekday arrangement and schedule, also sent a congratulatory message to the Editorial Office of ANDAND Managing Editor Siqing Hu, Assistant Editor Yue Jiang and Qinkai Zhang also attended as non-voting delegates.

The meeting agenda could be divided into seven parts: Attendees’ Welcome, OAE Introduction, Journal Annual Report, Development Plan in 2023, Problems We Are Facing, Solutions and Suggestions, and Free Discussion. The purpose of this Editorial Board to report the work progress and achievements of the journal in 2022 to the Editorial Board to discuss the work arrangement and plan in 2023 and to better help the development and operation of the journal through the suggestions and solutions of the Editorial Board.

At the beginning of the meeting, Managing Editor Siqing Hu organized all the participants to greet each other and manage the newly joined Editorial Board members to introduce each other. In this session, all the Editorial Board members actively participated and showed very high enthusiasm. Next, the Editor-in-Chief Professor Weidong Le expressed his sincere thanks to the Editorial Board members for their contributions to AND journal and made a detailed introduction of the development history of OAE Publishing Inc. He pointed out that with the joint efforts of all Editorial Board members, AND has achieved outstanding results in 2022: published 19 papers and 11 Special Issues with more than 8,000 downloads, and successfully held five online seminars and 2 Co-Organized with up to 210,000 views, which attracted a lot of readers and visitors to the journal and significantly improved its visibility.

In the free discussion part, the Editor-in-Chief Prof. Le and the Editorial Board members had a heated discussion. Professor David Rubinsztein emphasized the importance of research analysis. Prof. Guoyuan Yang, Prof. Xiaojiang Li, Prof. Jun Tan, Prof. Peng Lei and Prof. Shilpa Buch discussed the problems of database application and requirements. Prof. Michael Maes and Prof. Shilpa Buch gave detailed opinions on the topic construction of the Special Issue and accepted the invitation of the Special Issue construction as Guest Editors for next year. Finally, Prof. Shengdi Chen and Prof. Guoyuan Yang shared their experiences and suggestions on journal construction.

The meeting lasted about one and a half hours, from 20:00 (UTC) to 21:30 (UTC), and ended with good wishes from the Editorial Board members. The successfully held Editorial Board meeting laid a solid foundation for AND. As a result, Editors from AND will follow the mission of the company "Disseminating scientific research and promoting scientific innovation" to encourage research in ageing and neurodegenerative diseases and provide a professional academic dissemination platform with international educational influence.

Meeting Attendees
Editor-in-ChiefProf. Weidong Le
Honorary Editors-in-ChiefProf. Ted. M. DawsonProf. David Rubinsztein
Editorial Board MembersProf. Guoyuan YangProf. Michael Maes
Prof. Xiaojiang LiProf. Hanming Shen
Prof. Shengdi ChenProf. Yufeng Zang
Prof. Shilpa BuchProf. Peng Lei
Prof. Hao DengProf. Dongsheng Fan
Prof. Fenbiao GaoProf. Jiayi Li
Prof. Jun TanProf. Yi Tang
Prof. Qing WangProf. Yanjiang Wang
Prof. Sara XapelliProf. Pingyi Xu
Prof. Fengwei YuProf. Jintai Yu
Prof. Minming ZhangProf. Zhentao Zhang
Prof. Sheng ChenProf. Qian Yang
Prof. Lifang HuProf. Cong Liu
Prof. Qiang LiuProf. Wei Luo

Submitted by Qinkai Zhang, Siqing Hu
Ageing and Neurodegenerative Diseases Editorial Office, Xi’an 710077, Shaanxi, China.

Ageing and Neurodegenerative Diseases
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