A Special Interview with Associate Editor - Prof. Hamido Fujita

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The Editorial Office of Journal of Smart Environments and Green Computing (JSEGC) was glad to have a special interview with Prof. Hamido Fujita, an Associate Editor of the journal, on November 30, 2022.

About Prof. Hamido Fujita

Prof. Hamido Fujita (IEEE Life Senior Member) is from Regional Research Center,
Iwate Prefectural University, Iwate, Japan. He is also the executive director of the Association, Japan. He has been awarded the designation of "Highly Cited Researcher” for three consecutive years (2020-2022) by Clarivate Analytics.

He has four international patents in software systems and several research projects with Japanese industry and partners. He has delivered numerous keynote speeches at prestigious international conferences on intelligent systems and subjective intelligence. He led several projects, including intelligent HCI, a project related to mental cloning for the healthcare system as an intelligent user interface between human users and computers, and the SCOPE project on virtual doctor systems for medical applications. He received the Honorary Scholar Award from the University of Technology Sydney in 2012. He is the Emeritus Editor of Knowledge-Based Systems. He is Vice President of the International Society of Applied Intelligence and Editor-in-Chief of Applied Intelligence (Springer). 

The recording of this interview can be found below:
1. We know you are delving into artificial intelligence based on machine learning and deep learning. What are your current specific research interests in this field? (0:05)
2. What are the future research trends and challenges in the area? (7:02)
3. We notice you are leading two labs in the direction of intelligent software system and cognitive thinking system. Could you please introduce them? (15:11) 
4. The goal of the Intelligent Software System lab is to develop a computer that can understand human intentions, estimate emotions, and use them to predict human thoughts. Could this computer be a psychological counsellor? (21:24)
5. As a distinguished researcher in an interdisciplinary field, do you have any advice for junior researchers in interdisciplinary fields? (26:02)

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