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Green manufacturing (also known as sustainable manufacturing) is modern manufacturing concept that comprehensively considers environmental impact and resource efficiency. The goals of green manufacturing are to minimize the impact on the environment and the highest resource efficiency during the entire product life cycle from product design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, utilization to the end-of-life (EoL) recovery, recycling and disposal. Therefore, green manufacturing involves the intersection and integration of manufacturing, environmental, nature resource and energy consumption fields. It is not only a behavior with significant social benefits, but also an effective means to achieve significant economic benefits and the goal of circular economy. In recent years, research on green manufacturing and related resource and energy issues have become significance and proactiveness. Many counties, global wisely, have invested more and more funds in this research area.

The journal of Green manufacturing Open (GMO) publishes high quality, peer-reviewed original articles that present a full spectrum of research topics and state-of-the-art reviews in this significantly emerging research area. Papers involved all aspects of green manufacturing activities, including (but not limited) from product design, process design and planning, innovative and nontraditional manufacturing processes to minimize environmental impacts, nature resource and energy consumption, packaging, product utilization and consumption, re-manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing process for remanufacturing, hybrid manufacturing process to achieve environmentally consciousness, and the end of life product refurbishing, materials recovery, recycling and disposal processes. 

GMO serves the interdisciplinary community of scholarly researchers, industrial engineers, environmental scientists, EPA auditors, corelated law makers, governmental politicians who must use the research results and date to make their decisions. The journal provides with high quality and leading-edge research activities, quantitative and evitable results, and validated date. These included but not limited to:

  • Green product designing
  • Materials replacement and/or substitution
  • Greening manufacturing processes
  • Nontraditional manufacturing processes to reduce environmental impact
  • Energy consumption measurement
  • Life Cycle Assessment and quantitative measurement methods
  • Multi-dimensional life cycle assessment
  • New product, new processes for sustainability
  • Environmentally packaging
  • Nanomanufacturing for environmentally consciousness
  • Hybrid manufacturing for environmentally consciousness
  • Additive manufacturing for environmentally consciousness
  • Intelligent manufacturing for environmentally consciousness
  • Digital twin manufacturing for environmentally consciousness
  • Remaining product life prediction and estimation for remanufacturing
  • Innovative remanufacturing technology
  • Innovative remanufacturing equipment development
  • Advances in remanufacturing processes
  • Advances in remanufacturing materials substitution and replacement
  • End-of-life electronic product disassembly and recycling
  • End-of-life mechanical product materials recovery and recycling
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