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Topic: Sustainable Low-Carbon Circular Development Process in the Industry

A special issue of Carbon Footprints

ISSN 2831-932X (Online)

Submission deadline: 20 May 2023

Guest Editor(s)

  • Prof. Cosimo Magazzino
    Department of Political Science, Roma Tre University, Rome, (RM), Italy.

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  • Dr. Parisa Pakrooh

    Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics Engineering, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran.

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  • Dr. Bilal Hussain

    Department of Economics, Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan.

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Special Issue Introduction

In response to the threat of climate change to human survival, governments around the world are making considerable efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Industry (e.g., manufacturing, food processing, mining, and construction) is one of the main sources of emissions, accounting for 21% of global greenhouse gas emissions. These direct emissions come from different processes, including emissions from the burning of fossil fuels for heating and power generation at the site of energy facilities and chemical, metallurgical, and mineral conversion processes unrelated to energy consumption, as well as emissions from waste management activities. In addition, indirect emissions arise from centralized power generation consumed by industry. Therefore, the task of industrial emission reduction is arduous, and systematic changes from theory to technology are urgently needed. We wish to discuss, but are not limited to, the following topics in this special issue:

1. Visualization of the policy and design phases of zero energy buildings;
2. Interactive analysis of green building materials promotion with relevance to energy consumption and GHG emissions;
3. Environmental impact analysis of materials used in industrial construction such as timber, steel, and reinforced concrete;
4. GHG emissions of petrochemical and chemical industries, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, building materials, and other key industries;
5. Technologies for industrial solid waste management: current status, challenges, and future perspectives;
6. Environmental impact of manufacturing on life-cycle GHG emissions;
7. Digital transformation development of the raw material industry;
8. GHG emissions, changes and their determinants in the industrial solid waste management/treatment process;
9. Challenges on waste-to-energy of industrial wastes;
10. Technical status of comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste resources;
11. Application of energy-efficient technologies and equipment in the industry;
12. Current state and prediction of the future of digitization in the industry;
13. Policymaking for industrial GHG reduction.


Industry, Industrial construction, industrial solid waste, digital, digital infrastructure, greenhouse gas emissions, building materials, carbon neutral, steel, reinforced concrete, cement, decarbonization, climate policy.

Submission Deadline

20 May 2023

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