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Topic: Promote the Integration of the Dual Carbon Goal and the Global Village Sustainable Development Strategy

A special issue of Carbon Footprints

ISSN 2831-932X (Online)

Submission deadline: 4 May 2023

Guest Editor(s)

  • Prof. Fengsheng Chien

    School of Finance and Accounting, Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade, Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

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  • Dr. Ching-Chi Hsu

    School of Finance and Accounting, Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade, Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

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  • Dr. Muhammad Sadiq

    Faculty of Business and Law, Taylor’s University, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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Special Issue Introduction

Global climate and environmental change and the double carbon issue profoundly affect the future development of human beings and have become a major challenge for international financial markets and the world economy. Economic development is accompanied by huge pressure on both energy supply and environmental protection, and reducing energy use and carbon emissions is of great importance to global carbon reduction. Achieving the “double carbon” goal means decoupling economic growth from carbon emissions. However, in developing countries around the world, the current energy mix is still predominantly high-carbon, and achieving the "double carbon" goal is not an easy task. All countries need to push the reform with the carbon reduction target, so the study of the development mode, energy structure and social concept in the process of carbon economy transition will definitely become a hot spot for the next academic research, and further become a new risk factor in the new generation of scientific research. The carbon economy dovetails with the national energy sustainable development strategy, and builds a new all-round economic issue that adapts to the cross-field development trend of new energy, environment and climate with the world financial linkage.

1. The impact of climate change and carbon trading on the human living environment and economy and society;
2. The relationship between energy use on carbon emission reduction and industrial and economic development;
3. Analysis of the application of financial derivatives to the trading market;
4. The impact of clean energy and energy saving and carbon reduction on economic development;
5. The impact of climate change, environmental pollution, and energy use on economic and financial development;
6. Analysis of the impact of energy conservation and emission reduction on industrial and economic competitiveness;
7. Pricing mechanism, model and risk management of dual carbon trading;
8. Factors and indicators of change affecting dual carbon financial transactions.


Climate change, sustainable development strategy, double carbon goal, carbon emissions, carbon reduction, carbon trade, carbon tax

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4 May 2023

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