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Editorial  |  Open Access  |  20 Jan 2020

Acknowledgement to reviewers of Vessel Plus in 2019

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Vessel Plus 2020;4:1.
10.20517/2574-1209.2020.06 |  © The Author(s) 2020.
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The editors of the journal Vessel Plus (VP) would like to take this opportunity to express their sincere gratitude to the following reviewers for assessing manuscripts in 2019 [Table 1].

Table 1

The reviewers in 2019

Antonitsis, PolychronisFranco, Antonino DiLee, Lik ChuanSampaolesi, Maurilio
Anukam, KingsleyFremes, Stephen E.Leone, Antonio MariaSantos, Raul D.
Bedogni, FrancescoFujikura, KanaMaranhão, Raul C.Sazonova, Margarita
Bharadwaj, DwaipayanGambardella, IvancarmineMassimo, ChelloShalimova, Anna
Butterworth, John F.Garattini, EnricoMiñana, GemaShinoda, Kenta
Caparros-Martin, Jose A.Gaudino, Mario F. L.Mohapatra, Chandan RaySiddiqui, Tariq
Chambers, DavidGenco, Caroline AttardoMuramatsu, ToshiyaSobenin, Igor A.
Chello, MassimoGolukhova, ElenaNardi, PaoloSokolis, Dimitrios
Chen, Ying-FuHasaniya, NahidhNurbaev, Serik D.Sticchi, Alessandro
Cordero, AlbertoHirao, ShingoOrban, MartinTan, Joannetm
Davidavicius, GiedriusIsayeva, AnnaOta, TakeyoshiTang, Dalin
de Groot, EricJánosi, Rolf AlexanderOvertchouk, PavelTascini, Carlo
Dimopoulos, KonstantinosJemtel, Thierry H. LeParvizi, MojtabaTseng, Elaine E.
Dubrovskaya, Maria I.Karagodin, VasilyPAtrianakos, Alexandrosvan der Linden, Jan
Dzīvīte-Krišāne, IvetaKazubskaya, Tatyana P.Petrova, Nika V.Varaeva, Yu R.
Efremova, Olga A.Kim, DeokhoPollari, FrancescoWang, Chunsheng
Falsini, GiovanniKirichenko, TatianaQintar, Mohammed
Fedorova, TatyanaKoshin, AndreRahouma, Mohamed
Formica, FrancescoKurita, TairoRaja, Shahzad G.

We greatly appreciate the contribution they made and the time they donated to the journal. They can get their Reviewer Recognition Certificates by building their peer review profiles either on Publons ( or on ORCID (

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for VP, you are welcome to apply at


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Writing and revision of the article and approved the final version: Vessel Plus Editorial Office.

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Not applicable.

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Conflicts of interest

All authors declared that there are no conflicts of interest.

Ethical approval and consent to participate

Not applicable.

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© The Author(s) 2020.

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Vessel Plus Editorial Office. 2020. "Acknowledgement to reviewers of Vessel Plus in 2019" Vessel Plus. 4: 1.

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Vessel Plus, Editorial Office. Acknowledgement to reviewers of Vessel Plus in 2019. Vessel Plus. 2020, 4, 1.

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