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Editorial  |  Open Access  |  6 Jul 2016

Preface to special issue on “EuRePS Meeting”

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Plast Aesthet Res 2016;3:219.
10.20517/2347-9264.2016.31 |  © 2016 Plastic and Aesthetic Research
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The present special issue collects the best papers from the “EuRePS” (European Residents in Plastic Surgery) Meeting, which was held in Favignana from 18th to 21st of June 2015. The scientific committee selected the best 5 presentations, to be published on PAR journal thanks to an agreement with the editorial board.

The 5 papers will be introduced by a letter by Dr. Carlo Melloni, a resident in Plastic Surgery at the University of Palermo, representing the Organizational Committee of the meeting. The first following paper is a letter from Dr. Giovanna Spinzo on her experience as a resident in India. The second paper by Dr. Margot den Hondt presents the outstanding twenty years of experience of her group in tracheal transplantation research on a rabbit model. The special issue continues with a clinical paper by Dr. Giuseppe Guarro on closed rhinoplasty and effects and changes on voice and a paper by Dr. Mauro Barone on the application of regenerative medicine in treatment of acne scars. Finally, a case report on breast amyloidosis by Dr. Giulia Boscaini closes the special issue.

Thanks to all the authors and the reviewers for their contributions and to the editorial staff of PAR for hosting this special issue and for the precious and continuous support.

I hope you enjoy reading this special issue.

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Francesca Toia. 2016. "Preface to special issue on “EuRePS Meeting”" Plastic and Aesthetic Research. 3: 219.

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Toia, F. Preface to special issue on “EuRePS Meeting”. Plast. Aesthet. Res. 2016, 3, 219.

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