Why Choose OAE

Maximum Visibility

Accepted manuscripts are immediately and freely available online, which maximizes the visibility of the works and increases the number of citations.

Rigorous Peer Review

All manuscripts accepted for publication in OAE journals are strictly and thoroughly peer-reviewed by experts and evaluated in terms of originality, significance, novelty, integrity, quality of presentation, and scientific soundness, etc. At least two detailed review reports are collected during peer review.

High Quality Publication

After being officially accepted, manuscripts are processed by a professional production team for language editing, copy editing, typesetting, etc., to ensure the precise and exquisite presentation of our publications.

Permanent Archiving

All publications of OAE journals are archived in Portico to ensure a long-term digital preservation.

Global Promotion

Published articles are promoted around the world by editors via various channels, including databases, international conferences, social media, hard copies of journals, etc. Articles of individual authors would thus be viewed and cited by a greater number of readers.